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      Bulk update - EnderIO, OmniWrench, keybindings and more · 0edf5037
      Korynkai authored
      * Added NBT Tags for controlling EnderIO conduit facade transparency to PowerFist and included optional interface ITool
      * Fixed OmniWrench: Now works with EnderIO (a little too much...), MineFactoryReloaded, CoFH (ThermalExpansion & ThermalFoundation), BuildCraft, Railcraft and (should but untested) IC2!
      * Optimized API dependencies: Now only the symbols MPS uses are distributed with the source under the API directory and no unnecessary file downloads to 'libs' exist. No known licensing conflicts at this time.
      * Updated Forge version
      * Updated gradlew script
      * Fixed keybind load with MPSA: Now MPSA modules aren't null when the keybinds are loaded! (Was causing MPSA keybinds to break)
      * Also fixed a related issue where some keybind entries were duplicated (I think? I noted this issue in 1.6.4 but I didn't have this happen in 1.7.10 before I made the changes that probably fixed this...)
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