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Whoopsie, forgot to do this...
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......@@ -12,8 +12,16 @@ This library is licensed under the GNU GPL and is based on the OGG metadata hand
* None reported.
####Recent Changes:
>2014-12-20 by Korynkai:
>2014-12-17 by Korynkai:
* Some more refactoring - Reorganized, removed redundant code. Also imposed programatic access strictness.
* Small fixes I didn't catch before with the "lazy" input stream constructor... Also added a test class and an ogg file to test with, Wikipedia's courtesy Median Test ogg file which is licensed under the GNU GPL.
>2014-12-19 by Korynkai:
* Added ZipInputStream as source for constructor and static methods.
>2014-12-18 by Korynkai:
* Refactored for better flexability (now renamed to
* Renamed project to better reflect its purpose.
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